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Fall 2019
First Period
Raucous Recorders Grades 1-4
Marci S.
$6.00, Students are encouraged to practice at home.
Ready to toot your own horn – or recorder? In this introductory class, students will practice sound control, learn to decode a fingering chart, and play recorder note formations while rehearsing several simple songs. Gain musical appreciation by rockin’ out with your raucous recorder!
***Parents should email me to let me know if they are supplying a recorder from home so I don’t over-order.
Symphony in Color Grades 1-6
Jandora P.
No Homework
A unique blend of symphonic music and visual arts. Students will create beautiful works of art based on the emotions and mood they feel while listening to various music selections. This gives the student the opportunity to display the immense creativity they are capable of when engaged in both music and art!
Introduction to Logic Grades 6-12
Kate R.
No Homework
This class will serve as a basic introduction to symbolic logic. Logical analysis of complex statements helps us clarify precise use of language, from legal codes to medical diagnoses. Topics may include: statements, truth tables, the conditional, arguments and proof, and quantifiers.
Beginning Improv Grades 6-12
Anna L.
No Homework
Improvisation: “the act of composing, uttering, executing, or arranging anything without previous preparation.” Whether you enjoy theater, music, creative writing, or just being quick on your feet, being comfortable with creating “something new” on the spot is a valuable skill. Through various games and activities, we’ll stretch our brains and comfort zones – and no doubt laugh along the way!