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Fall 2019
Third Period
Martial Arts Grades 2-12
Andre M.
No homework
A course teaching basic self-defense skills using Hapkido, Aikido, Judo, Wing Chun, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. An emphasis on exercise and overall health will be focused on in this course, as well as kicking and striking.
*Children should wear loose clothing that will be easy to move around in. They should not be wearing jewelry.
Virtual Field Trips Grades 3-12
Becky W.
No homework
We will use subscription-based internet resources and other video sources to take virtual field trips in the United States and beyond. We will also have discussions and complete field trip worksheets (based on the trip locations) as time permits.
Art Fun Grades 2-6
Amber C.
No Homework
We will create several giftable art projects using fun methods such as acrylic pouring and string painting. Projects will include acrylic pouring on magnets and canvas, string painting, a Christmas ornament, and more.
Jawsome Sharks! Grades 8-10
Gina D.
No Homework
Dive deep into the world of sharks! We will learn about shark anatomy and physiology, habitats, and more. Class will include dissecting a dogfish shark and possibly one other organism for comparison of anatomy.
*This is a two period class due to the dissection.