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Hollidaysburg Homeschool Co-op
Fall 2019
Fourth Period
Nature Art Grades 1-5
Christina M.
No homework
Students will have an opportunity to be creative and use their imagination while creating art using natural materials like sticks, leaves, stones, etc.
Tea Time with Great Poets Grades 4-12
Jandora P.
Homework: May need to finish their poem at home.
Students will explore the world of poems and their poets while gathered round a table of delightful teas and treats. We’ll study great poets of the past, learn about different poem styles, and create our own great works of poetic literature.
Conspiracy Theories Grades 6-12
Victoria B.
No Homework
We will read and discuss a new conspiracy theory during each class. We will analyze argument and evidence validity. Theories we will discuss include Area 51, the Moon Landing, the Philadelphia Experiment, Amelia Earhart Disappearance, and more.
Jawsome Sharks! Grades 8-10
Gina D.
No Homework
Dive deep into the world of sharks! We will learn about shark anatomy and physiology, habitats, and more. Class will include dissecting a dogfish shark and possibly one other organism for comparison of anatomy.
*This is a two period class due to the dissection.